Must-Have Running Gear for 2015

People who do not run think that to start, all they need is a pair of tennis shoes and maybe a pair of shorts. As seasoned runners know, you do not need much equipment, but there are several items that are very important for the comfort and safety of anyone who runs. If you are just starting, do not worry about purchasing everything at once, but hard-core runners think the following items are ones you will want to consider as you progress with your hobby.

Gadgets to Track your Stride and Mileage

Technology has more than found its way into the running scene. People who run for training purposes love to see how their stride compares at different times in their run and many gadgets will do much more than that. These gadgets will analyze your form as you run and will measure other things such as how often and long your feet touch the ground, your heart rate and the cadence of your run. For smartphone users, many of these new items will even sync to an app on their phone for more scrutiny.


While the name may make you giggle, these are cool little rubber pieces that are used instead of shoelaces in your shoes. Each individual Hickie fits into the holes of your shoes and you can custom fit the way your shoes fit. Since you can move them around, you can loosen or tighten the places on your shoes that will offer you the most comfort as you run.

Chewing Gum

Yes, even chewing gum has gotten into the running scene. RunGum was designed by an Olympic runner and launches this year. Each piece of gum gives you a kick of caffeine, taurine and B vitamins. It is designed as a pick me up that will work better than energy drinks or coffee that could cause upset stomachs if they are consumed right before a run.


While many runners will hit the road regardless of the weather, there are days that running could be dangerous, such as snow, ice or storms. For those inclement days, every runner needs an amazing treadmill so they can still have their run each day. Many treadmills offer more than a basic run and you can choose what features you might need, such as incline runs.

Moisture Wicking Clothes

For cool mornings or cold winter days, clothes that pull moisture away from your body are even more important. Moisture in your clothes makes it hard for your body to stay at an even temperature and may cause a chill. If you become too cold, your body will not work at peak performance and you could even get hurt. Do not forget to purchase gloves and socks when you buy your shorts, pants and shirts. Running gear comes in many wild colors now so you are sure to find something funky, if that is your style.

Amphiod Vizlets

This is a funny name for small LED lights that you can easily clip onto your clothes. These lights make it easier for drivers to see you on dark nights or even during dreary day runs. Lights like these are so important to help keep you safe while you are enjoying your run.

This list may seem overwhelming if you are just beginning to run, but do not feel as if you need to get everything. You will know as you get into running more which gear is right for you and what you truly need to be safe and comfortable as you run.