Start Slow and Don’t Give Up – Running for your Health

Running is a great way to get that body you dream of and to reduce stress at the same time. Unfortunately, many people seem to believe that they can just put a pair of running shoes on and take off. When they discover it isn’t that easy, they may give up quickly.

To build yourself into a distance runner, follow these easy tips.

  • Make sure you have theright shoes. Not every pair of tennis shoes is good for running. They may be called athletic shoes, but shoes designed for running are usually lighter weight and have more support than other shoes. Your feet, legs and back will thank you for purchasing the right shoes for your run.
  • Don’t worry about your pace. When you start running, you need to remember that endurance needs to be built. Start with a jogging/walking routine that allows you to jog a few minutes then catch your breath as you walk. It may seem counter-productive to walk in your routine, but it is better to slow down and give yourself time to build up your speed.
  • Make running a habit. Even if you only have a few minutes, get out every day and run. You may think short runs are a waste of time, but this is all about building the habit of wanting to run every day.
  • Keep a log.  Write down everything about your runs such as the weather, how far you went, how long it took and any problems you had. This may seem like a waste of time, but when you are having a day that makes you want to quit, you can read your log and see just how far you have come in your training. A log will help keep you motivated!
  • Gradually add distance. You simply cannot expect to put on your shoes for the first time and run ten miles. If you believe this, your first run may also be your last because you won’t get the run you expect. Start slow and with short distances.
  • Set achievable goals. Maybe the first two weeks, your goal is simply to run a little each day. Get yourself used to the routine and walk as much as you run. The next few weeks, you could plan to run a short distance every day. Remember the point is to set small achievable goals. Every achievement will encourage you to keep going. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Every runner has their own strengths – use your own strengths to development the perfect routine for you.
  • Check outcross training programs. Running will definitely change the look of your body, but there are several benefits to using a strength-training program, too.

Your first running program should be a slow and easy one. You may not even feel like you are really exercising the first few weeks, but starting slow and easy will prevent injuries and keep you focused on building strength and endurance. Let your body learn the routine and work slowly and steadily toward your goals.